Home Again….


I returned home after a 4-day pharmacy convention in the city of Baltimore.  I did continuing education and looked in to job opportunities that were available to me.  There are some opportunities out there but I am going to have to work at it.

I remember a time when pharmacist jobs were a plenty.  As a pharmacist one could pick and choose which job and what job setting that you wanted to have.  Then came the new standard of the PharmD.  Then things started to change and people wanted the PharmD as their entry position.  After that the mergers started and pharmacies closed and then the jobs began to dry up. Now, there are fewer jobs than ever and well just being a good pharmacist is not enough.  People want PharmD’s not BS Pharm registered pharmacists; so I am told I am over qualified or that the position that you have applied for has been filled.  If, I do get an interview typically it is a phone call.  The call usually goes well at first and then it goes down the tubes; as soon as I mention that I have no PharmD and that I am working on my license requirements for the PA board but I am licensed in good standing in both NY and NJ.  Yet, that is of little consequence to them and once again I am over qualified.

Am I discouraged, I would be telling a lie if I said that I was not but I am not discouraged enough to give up at all nope not one bit. I will persevere and get a job. When life gives you lemons well you have lemons and what you do with them is what matters. I plan on making lemonade and lemon water and whatever I can do with those lemons….

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